New bike, Tuesday’s workout + more.

Well today is two weeks free of alcohol and am feeling good, usually I would still be feeling groggy, tired come Tuesday’s, but am feeling in great shape!

I purchased a new bike yesterday ..

Didn’t excercise yesterday as was Easter Monday and was out and about with my girlfriend and little boy.

Today I cycled 8 miles around Bristol, with a stop at the gym in between, where I did 12×3 weighted squats and 12×3 dumbbell lunges on each leg, legs are going to be aching come the morning.

For tea I went with Chicken, brocoli and noodles, cooking really healthy food is something I’m not sure about but sure this is quite healthy right?


Chilling tonight as the weather is terrible, hope to see some kind of improvement in my body in the coming weeks. I’m 6,2 and weigh around 12 1/2 stone so pretty normal. Just no muscle definition.

Good luck with whatever you my readers are trying to accomplish. 


8 thoughts on “New bike, Tuesday’s workout + more.

  1. Bicycling is such great exercise! I hadn’t been on a bike for literally 15 years, up until a month ago. I bought a new one and now I can’t get enough! Tones the legs so well!!!!


  2. I am excited for you! Your journey will only get better as you go on. When using your bike for thinking of defining your legs do lots of stand up pedaling so your engine weight is being applied and your legs feel more of an anaerobic stress than aerobic.


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