What we up to bank holiday people? 

As some of you may know, it’s a bank holiday weekend for us in England (Easter) which means we get Friday and Monday off work.  Anywhere else in the world? I’m not sure lol.

This usually comes hand in hand with drinking alcohol and getting fucked up for most people, for those more sensible a few causal drinks maybe.

However this is only my 10th day alcohol free, and I have no desire to end up like I did in Amsterdam a few months ago..


I’m already feeling much more healthier with my 3 mornings up the gym this week and eating good. I am going to do 4/5 mornings up the gym however I didn’t have time today as looking after my little boy as nursery is closed, and am off work anyway.

I’m heading to London tomorrow probably to play poker for 8, followed by meeting my friends for Onur ozer in east London!  I will be staying there until gone 7am, I love techno music and alcohol isn’t really needed at these nights for me to go countless hours one two stepping!

Have a good weekend all! Be back with the fitness and booze free update next week, will write to say how tomorrow night goes, both poker wise and the night on Sunday.
Cheers all. 


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