Eggs, chicken and more..

Good day all, How are we?

  • Day TWO of fitness programme.
  • Day SEVEN free of alcohol.

Like i’ve said before, i’ve never been so motivated to get myself in tip top shape. On a normal working day (Monday through Wednesday), things are easy in terms of not drinking, the temptation, my mates ringing me wanting to go out for a quick few pints is not there. I still haven’t told my friends what i’m planning on doing in these coming months, however i will be looking to do this at some points, rather than just ignore social situations altogether.

My day started with Breakfast in a cafe before work.. Scrambled eggs on brown bread, beans and a coffee.


My workout usually takes place at 6am before i go to work, however this morning i knew i was free for an hour after, so i decided to do it then, i do prefer the morning workout,  simply because the gym is not so busy, and you squeeze more hours into the day by getting up an hour or so early..



My workout today was a simple cardio one, i cycled 20km(12.5 miles) in 41 minutes 52 seconds. I then did 3 sets of 12 pushups and sit ups, i will be having no weekdays off, and maybe try get a run in on a weekend.





To end the day, chicken, rice, broccoli and cauliflower.


All in all a good day, i enjoy blogging my days, i can look back on all days in months or so to come, hopefully still alcohol free and in great shape. Looking to connect with people of similar goals and interests too, as it’s always good to spur each other on.


Good night all…







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